Only 13% of Employees are Engaged at Work

The vast majority of employees worldwide are actively disengaged at work. Only 13% are engaged, according to the Gallup's State of the Global Workplace report. As a result, employees are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less productive.  This affects productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, employee turnover, morale, and even safety incidents.

Understand and use your Talents and Skills

The report provides insights into what your company can do today to accelerate Employee Engagement. The authors emphasize the need to effectively understand and use your people’s Talents, Skills, and Energy. Gallup’s research highlights the role of a manager in their employees’ engagement levels. It emphasizes the need to coach managers and hold them accountable for their employees’ engagement. This is the focus of Modelus Talent.

Talent helps you engage, motivate, and involve your team. It allows your employees to understand how they can be the most efficient and how they can bring the most value to your organization. It indicates which capabilities are important today and what you need to work on for tomorrow. It helps your employees find the right team within your organization, where they can make the best use of their talents and achieve the biggest growth.

Hold your managers accountable for Engagement

Modelus Talent streamlines Hiring and Management practices to accelerate Employee Growth and Engagement. Get ahead of your competition today. Connect with us at to learn how to build a highly engaged workplace with Modelus Talent.

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