20/20 Mobile Apps by Modelus

Have you ever found yourself talking to a potential candidate somewhere in a coffee shop, wondering about their technical skills? Are they really as good as they seem? How could you tell?

The primary screening tool that employers have at their disposal is a resume. Yet, experts estimate that nearly 50% of resumes are embellished. This makes them less reliable and useful.

Studies also demonstrate that companies can reduce their costs and make better hires by using concise focused tests during screening. 20/20 Mobile Apps are created with the idea of providing convenient and inexpensive way to assess skills and improve chances of hiring high-quality applicants.

20/20 JavaScript, 20/20 T-SQL, and 20/20 Obj-C are our first 20/20 mobile apps for IT. 20/20 C#, SASS, and CSS are coming next. Stay tuned for updates.

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